South Africa Decides: General Elections 2019

Over the past few months in preparations for the general elections, political parties have been hard at work trying to draw in voter support. They have been all over the country, holding rallies at stadiums, visiting communities, presenting their manifestos and believe it or not, cold calling was on the cards as well.

I remember sometime mid-April while I was waiting for an important call from Pretoria, my phone rang and I literally lunged to it only to be told about what I assume was a pitch from one of the political parties. I would have listened to the whole thing but unfortunately I could not understand a single thing. The whole recording was in Afrikaans which kind of defeated the purpose wooing me as a voter or attempting to sway my vote in their favour.

More than 700 000 people are expected to be casting their votes tomorrow – 8th of May 2019. But the real question is, how many will be actually casting their votes?

It is unfortunate that there have been reports about incidents where citizens have intentionally disrupted the special vote proceedings in some areas by prohibiting the IEC officials from doing their job and subsequently destroying ballot papers.

I do understand that some people will be boycotting the elections – of which is within their rights, but preventing other people who wants to exercise their rights from doing so, is something that should never be accepted. We all have different views about the ruling and opposing parties, hence democracy, the freedom to elect a party that one feels will best represent and service them.

There are 48 political parties contesting the 2019 SA general elections. South Africans are definitely spoilt for choice. I’m hoping that South Africans make informed decisions tomorrow.

I remember when I voted for the first time, I was so excited about voting and did not really take my time to review all manifestos before deciding on one party to vote for. I just went there for the sake of voting.

That was a bad decision on my part, I made sure to rectify that this year – lesson learnt.

With all that said, I do hope everything is systems go for tomorrow.

Here to a better South Africa 🇿🇦❌🇿🇦


Josh Water Jobs – Go Fund Me page

Meeting expenses for Josh’s Water Jobs (2016-2018)

Josh’s Water Jobs was launched in June 2016 and since then it has grown in many ways and continues on an upward trajectory. For the past 2.5 years, Hank and I have been financing the site out of our own pockets, paying for the website hosting service and MailChimp accounts that support the website and mailing lists, respectively, in addition to other associated costs for the site. To date, this has been a 100% voluntary activity and we have not actively pursued to recover our expenses.

We do want to be clear that the site will never go the direction of having to pay to access jobs or to post jobs. The open access nature of the site is too important to us to limit access in any way. But, since we are going to start to move in a direction of recouping costs for the website (and eventually the time we sink it as well, including additional functionality), we’d like to, in this instance, fundraise to break even on our material expenses to close out 2018.

There has been a PayPal link on the website since the beginning, and we’ve never promoted the fact that it was there, but this link drew in USD$952.00 in the last 2.5 years through many contributions both big and small. Our operating expenses for the same time period were USD$7,266, so we are looking here to raise USD$6,314(+USD$149 for the GoFundMe fee, so USD$6,463 total) to break even to start 2019. Any additional funds raised by the campaign will go towards Hank and I for the time spent managing the website since 2016.

Moving forward, we will have a contribution page where you can give singular contributions or give monthly support (even as low as USD$1 a month) to help us keep the site running and start to do more as resources will free up the time of both Hank and I to add additional features to the website. And we won’t look poorly on you if you decide to give to both 😉

Thank you very much for using the site and your contributions!

Hank and Josh